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Tendaya Technology Group is your agent for product development in advanced adhesive products (water based, hotmelt, solvent based, reactive systems, pressure sensitive tapes, electrically conductive adhesives). We provide R&D and technical services to small and midsize companies that have limited resources to hire a permanent or additional staff with the needed expertise to develop highly competitive and  differentiating products for the marketplace. Tendaya Technology Group can evaluate raw materials and develop products for you, and help you launch your innovative and differentiating products in the marketplace at a competitive cost. Adhesive products will be used in packaging, electronics, hygiene, automotive and construction. Contact us today to discuss your opportunity and learn how we can support you. Please call (423)430-8658, or send an e-mail to or click here to fill out the request form.

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Our commitment to our customers’ needs remains the key driving force behind our technology company. We strive to be an extension of our clients R&D and technical services. We provide a high-quality service to all our customers to ensure that they continue to gain a substantial competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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With our innovative and insightful technologies, we strive to enhance our customers’ everyday experiences. Our advisory board includes scientists and engineers with a combined total of more than 150 years as experts in their fields

To provide exceptional solutions, we dedicate time and resources to research the market needs and trends. We will continue to work tirelessly to become the technological leader providing big picture insights for the benefit our customers, shareholders, and company.


The possibilities are endless. At Tendaya Technology Group, our comprehensive technological solutions are designed to help industry leading companies and individuals achieve greater success. Our platforms have wide range of features that are created with the aim to help our customers.


To empower our customers, Tendaya Technology Group is continually building upon its technology, and developing novel material offerings and other discoveries.

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As a part of Tendaya’ s commitment to sustainability, we have extended our focus to include adhesives, polymers, specialty tapes and other components in the development of materials for use in electrically conductive leads for energy generation systems (e.g., busbar/tapes for solar panels) and energy storage systems.


With this endeavor, Tendaya is developing separator membranes, solid-state electrolytes, electrodes, and electric current collectors for use in high energy density and capacity batteries, fuel cells and capacitors.

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A large number of adhesive manufacturers have limited resources, and subsequently have difficulty offering products that are optimized for the applications they serve. Large manufacturers of adhesives typically sell products that have small sale volume through distributors and generally do not devote resources to optimize the formulas of these products.


Tendaya Technology Group will formulate and optimize the adhesive to the application for you. Tendaya will tailor the product to your specifications and evaluate its fitness for use in potentially lucrative adjacent markets. The work will be covered under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your business interests.

We will test different adhesives formulations for you, analyze their performance in a given application, and generate a confidential report for you.


Our team has great expertise in the entire product development process: from ideas to product development, scaleup, manufacturing and commercialization. Our team will help you take your big ideas and bring them into the real world. At the end of your product development efforts our team will support you as you get your product ready for manufacturing. Finally, Tendaya Technology Group will get you closer to launching great products that work and delight your clients.


Our goal is to set you up for commercial success by providing innovative and differentiating products.


To get started, tell us a little bit about the project you are working on and how Tendaya  can help. If needed an NDA can be signed prior to continuing the conversation with additional project details. From this point, a formal project proposal will be drafted.

Each year, suppliers develop new raw materials that require independent evaluation. Tendaya will provide accurate, unbiased material testing for application fitness.

Based on your needs, we will test your  materials for targeted applications, and compare their performance to that of other products on the market


Tendaya specializes in various types of adhesives ( water-based, solvent-based, reactive, hotmelt, thermoset, and pressure sensitive), polymers, composites, and film products.

The raw materials evaluation includes products for use in energy storage systems as well.



The research services we offer include formulations using client-provided raw materials. The formulas are given back to the client to use in their scaleup of their finished goods and /or for marketing collaterals. The formulations we develop may be related to the current or new markets (to   enable the client to enter new and lucrative adjacent markets).

Some of the materials we specialize in include innovative polymers, adhesives, and various composite products for use in diverse areas including nonwoven, construction, packaging, automotive, electronics assembly, and energy storage systems.

All the work we do for our clients is protected by non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Our work with a client may include a development of intellectual properties to afford the client greater competitiveness in the marketplace by offering innovative solutions.

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The areas of interest listed is not exhaustive. It may expand in the future. Applications covered by Tendaya Technology Group include:

  • Electronics assembly

  • Energy storage systems such as batteries, fuel cells and capacitors components

  • Solar panels busbar energy collectors

  • Automotive

  • Packaging

  • Nonwovens

  • Construction

  • Specialty tapes

  • Thermally conductive adhesive systems

  • Electrically conductive adhesive systems

  • Electrical insulators

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 KS(Keunsik) Min

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Mutombo J. Muvundamina

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For any inquiries, questions, or commendations, please call: (423)430-8658 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

2109 West Market Street, Suite 130

Johnson City, TN 37604

Tel: (423)430-8658

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Get a quote: (423)430-8658

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Tendaya CEO joins ETSU Chemistry Department

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (Nov. 16, 2021) – Dr. Mutombo Muvundamina, founder and chief executive officer of Tendaya Technology Group, has been appointed as an adjunct faculty member in the East Tennessee State University Department of Chemistry. The appointment will provide opportunities for collaboration and internships between Tendaya and ETSU, the university said. 

“We are excited to join an institution that is known to support scholarly and creative activities to enhance the teaching and learning environment,” Muvundamina said. “We look forward to working side-by-side with our outstanding colleagues to help ETSU in its mission. We plan on working with the faculty and students on research and academic activities that benefit the regional, state, national and global communities ETSU serves.”

Muvundamina’s mission is for Tendaya to develop and commercialize novel materials for applications in green energy technology and in medical technology platforms, he said. His company will develop and distribute polymeric membrane materials for use in high-capacity batteries and polymeric materials for use in biomedical-related applications, as well as adhesives and composite polymer film adhesive for electronic and energy storage applications. 

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Muvundamina as a colleague in the Department of Chemistry,” said Dr. Robert Standaert, ETSU Department of Chemistry chair. “He brings a wealth of experience from industry and an extraordinary breadth of expertise in materials science that really enriches our department. Our faculty and students look forward to the new opportunities that working with Dr. Muvundamina and Tendaya Technologies will bring.”

Tendaya Technology Group joined the ETSU Innovation Lab, an organization that helps aspiring entrepreneurs develop emerging technologies, as a member in January. 

“Dr. Muvundamina has an impressive background with over 30 years in academia and industry on materials, polymers, manufacturing and commercialization,” said Dr. Audrey Depelteau, director of the Innovation Lab. “He brings a remarkable level of experience to the Innovation Lab, and this appointment will certainly expand the relationship between industry and the faculty and students at ETSU.” 

Muvundamina has a doctorate in polymer science and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Washington, and he has worked in various industry settings, including H.B. Fuller Company and Eastman Chemical Company. He previously taught as an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota.


Tendaya Technology joins ETSU Innovation Lab

JOHNSON CITY (Jan. 21, 2021) – The East Tennessee State University Innovation Lab is starting off 2021 with a new member, Tendaya Technology.

Founder Dr. Mutombo J. Muvundamina and a team of five advisors provide contract research, product development and manufacturing. Its mission is to develop and commercialize novel materials for applications in green energy technology and medical technology platforms with specific focuses on polymeric membrane materials for use in high-capacity batteries for various applications, polymeric materials for use in biomedical-related applications and adhesives and composite polymer film/adhesive for utilization in various applications, particularly electronic and energy storage.

Muvundamina has more than 30 years of combined experience in academia and industry conducting research and product development in the field of polymers, material processes, engineering processes, and formulation and manufacturing of various adhesives including hot melt, water based, solvent and reactive systems. These products were used in electronics, packaging, hygiene, automotive and general assembly. He also has expertise in surface science, coating, lamination and colloidal chemistry.

The Innovation Lab is assisting Muvundamina in establishing research collaborations with ETSU faculty and internship opportunities for ETSU students.

“We are very pleased that Tendaya Technology has joined the Innovation Lab and look forward to Dr. Muvundamina’s potential collaboration with faculty at ETSU,” stated Dr. William Duncan, vice provost of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Muvundamina said, “Tendaya Technology Group is incredibly pleased to join the ETSU Innovation Lab, and we look forward to engaging in a mutually beneficial collaboration with the talented faculty, students, and staff at ETSU. We are confident that our partnership will yield outstanding, differentiating, and marketable technologies that will contribute to the economy of the State of Tennessee.”

The ETSU Innovation Lab, located at 2109 W. Market St., is a high-tech business incubator that assists aspiring entrepreneurs from concept through commercialization. For more information, visit or contact Dr. Audrey Depelteau, director of the Innovation Lab, at

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Tendaya is a member of the ETSU Innovation Laboratory (a high-tech business incubator supported by the East Tennessee State University (ETSU) and funded by the State of Tennessee.

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